Hello, My Summer

Summer 2021

The brand name Gelamour includes the word: amour which means love in French. We have a great love for creating a luxurious and pleasant beauty experience with high-quality products. A moment of relaxation and luxury that put a smile on every customers face, and still does weeks after their visit.

On our website, you will find high-quality products designed to create perfect gel nails for the nail technician in the studio and salon.

There is a nude suitable for everyone.

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About Gelamour

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let’s talk about our brand

The range consists of various professional products to achieve the best result. Our most popular product is the Soak Off Gel Polish, or the gel polish. For a long-lasting result, you can combine it with our base & top gels, which are both nourishing and protective. With the LED lamp, your nails are quickly dried, so that you can immediately enjoy your beautiful gel nails.

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Assure yourself of professionalism! Our gel polish stays on for 2 to 4 weeks. So you can continue to enjoy beautiful gel nails, week after week. The ease of nail polish and the long-lasting results of gel nails.


For every moment

Gelamour’s products are there for every moment. For gel polish you can choose from a wide range with over 100 different colors. In addition, we regularly launch a new gel polish collection that closely follows the latest fashion trends!



We place a high value on beautiful and durable gel nails, as well as animal rights and the environment. Therefore, all of our products are free of animal testing. Absolutely no harm to animals or to your natural nails. So you can enjoy with peace of mind.

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