Hi there,
let’s talk about our brand

Love for nails, it’s in the name!

The brand name Gelamour includes the word: amour which means love in French. We have a great love for creating a luxurious and pleasant beauty experience with high-quality products. A moment of relaxation and luxury that put a smile on every customers face, and still does weeks after their visit.

Our professional product range contains over more than 100 colours Soak Off Gel Polish, Gel and Acrylic systems, Nail Treatments, Finishing products, Lotions and many more. Gelamour also attaches great importance to love
for her partners. Our business is born out of mutual respect, honesty and transparency.

Gelamour-partners can always rely on our unconditional promise. We believe that only your success can lead to ours. The brand vision is clear: Becoming one of the world’s leading brands in the professional nail care industry together with our partners. We aspire that within the near future, nail salons and nail artists will be working with Gelamour to achieve the best results and satisfy their clients even more.

Ambitious dreams need weight. Gelamour has the knowledge and the approach to bring our brand moving towards this dream. Enabling the right people who will lead the way and are able to translate our vision into new behaviors and appointments.