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Gelamour Removal Kit

Gelamour Removal Kit

With this Gelamour Removal Kit you can easily remove your gel polish or acrylic nails at home.

  1. Remove the shiny base with the buffer side of the Double Love 100/180 File.
  2. Use a small amount of the Gelamour Soak Off Gel Remover on a Foil Wrap.
  3. Wrap the Gelamour Foil Wrap around every nail and let the nails soak for 10 minutes.
  4. Remove the Foil Wrap and remove the gel polish residues with a Gelamour Woodstick.
  5. Use some of the Gelamour Cuticle Oil to nourish the cuticles.

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Product benefits

This box includes five products: Gelamour Double Love 100/180 File (1 pcs), Gelamour Soak Off Gel Remover 100ml (1 pcs), Gelamour Foil Wraps (10 pcs), Gelamour Woodstick (10 pcs), Gelamour Jojoba Cuticle Oil (1 pcs) and the Removal Kit step-by-step Guide (1 pcs).

How to use?

Check the steps above or the step-by-step guide.

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